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Generation 8 47 Varietal Rosé

This rose has more than 47 Varietals! The breadth of the varietals comes from the Bosman Vine Garden, a clone garden in a cooler climate region that is a "shopping block" for winemakers and viticulturists around South Africa. Vineyard blocks are harvested according to ripeness, and specifically with the intention to make this rose. The wine is naturally lower alcohol and displays freshness due to its natural acidity. Light, fresh, with loads of character, and a lovely bouquet.


Product Info

Western Cape
South Africa
One of the wines on the list one could happily have on its own or as aperitif but pairs well with salads and light meals.
Fair Trade accredited, employee empowerment. In 2008 the family provided their workers with a 26% share of the business and land.
Biodiversity conservationism (BWI), solar panels, minimal pesticide use (IPW). Vegan.
Tasting Notes
Coral and peach hues cascade into a melange of wild strawberry and cranberry notes.
Pinotage 50.139% Colombar 19.992% Cinsaut 5.595% Clairette Blanchen 3.634% Ugni Blanc 3.056% Chenin Blanc 2.373% Carignan 2.221% Durif 2.206% Sauvignon Blanc 2.135% Weisser Riesling 1.860% Ruby Cabernet 1.431% Meunier 1.213% Muscat d’Alexandrie 0.938% Souzao 0.827% Semillion 0.552% Sangiovese 0.538% Grenache (Red) 0.427% Pinot Gris 0.356% Muskadel (Red) 0.116% Pinot Noir 0.110% Shiraz (Syrah) 0.041% Cabernet Sauvignon 0.040% Petit Verdot 0.029% Merlot 0.028% Pinot Blanc 0.018% Viogner 0.018% Nouvelle 0.016% Roussanne 0.014% Chardonnay 0.012% Morio Muscat 0.009% Crouchen Blanc 0.007% Muscat De Frontignan 0.007% Cabernet Franc 0.006% Malbec 0.005% Tempranillo 0.004% Tinta Barocca 0.004% Tannat 0.004% Gewurztraminer 0.003% Nebbiolo 0.003% Mataro 0.002% Touriga Nacional 0.002% Roobernet 0.002% Zinfandel 0.002% Touriga Franca 0.002% Bukettraube 0.001% Tinta Amarella 0.001% Verdelho 0.001%