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Bosman Family Vineyards Generation 8 Sur Lie Chenin Blanc

If you are not familiar with Chenin Blanc, this is a must-try wine! And if you are familiar with it, you're in for a treat.

The Bovlei Valley farms where this wine comes from is extremely well-suited to the cultivation of Chenin Blanc: sunny days, well drained soils, and deep vineyard slopes (creating micro-climates), which, compounded with the wealth of older vineyards adds bright complexity. The De Bos range focuses on specific varietal quality and region-specific characteristics. For Chenin Blanc, this translates into producing a wine with elegance, finesse and beautiful vibrant fruit flavours. 

The De Bos Chenin Blanc is made sur-lie style, meaning that after fermentation, the wine continues to enjoy contact with the grape skins (the "lees"). In this case, the lees have contact for approximately three months in order to give the wine a perfect balance of brightness and an intense, luscious palate with rich, concentrated appeal.

This wine was awarded a Gold medal by the People's Choice Awards. It is also certified Fair Trade. In addition to supporting projects like day care centers, scholarships, and retirement facilities for workers, the winery is certified sustainable, a leading biodiversity conservation member, and uses solar panels.

Product Info

South Africa
Tasting Notes
Fresh citrus aromas combined with pineapple and peach notes that follow through to the palate. Medium to full style with a long, clean, crisp aftertaste.
This is a versatile wine that serves as a terrific apertif, and is also enjoyed with salads, seafood, and grilled dishes.
100% Chenin Blanc
Fair Trade accredited, employee empowerment. In 2008 the family provided their workers with a 26% share of the business and land.
Biodiversity conservationism (BWI), solar panels, minimal pesticide use (IPW). Low sulfites. Vegan.