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Bosman Family Vineyards Generation 8 47 Rose

This wine you simply won't find anywhere else, folks!

Made from 47 Varietals - yes, forty seven - this wine is both fun and delicious. How can one vineyard even grow 47 varietals, you might ask?

The Bosman Family's Lelienfontein project is home to the largest single vine nursery in Africa, with a wide spectrum vitis cultivars for the production of wine, table, and raisin grapes. Located in the cooler climate of Walker Bay, the Vine Garden is the centerpiece of this beautiful diversity.  This wine is certified Fair Trade. Medium-bodied and complex, this is our winter rose. 

To enjoy as well as entertain, print out the tech sheet and see how many varietals you and your friends recognize!

Product Info

Walker Bay
South Africa
Salads, light meals, and picnics
Tasting Notes
Beautiful mouth feel with a long fruit-packed, persistent finish. Mix of wild strawberry and cranberry notes.
Fair Trade accredited, employee empowerment. In 2008 the family provided their workers with a 26% share of the business and land.
Biodiversity conservationism (BWI), solar panels, minimal pesticide use (IPW). Low sulfites. Vegan.
Shiraz (Syrah) 13.45% Cabernet Sauvignon 12.78% Pinot Noir 10.32% Merlot 8.86% Pinot Gris 6.17% Pinotage 4.48% Semillon 3.06% Pinot Blanc 2.58% Roussanne 2.24% Cabernet Franc 1.68% Cinsaut 1.68% Malbec 1.68% Muskadel 1.46% Chardonnay 1.40% Chenin Blanc 1.40% Colombar 1.40% Sauvignon Blanc 1.40% Nouvelle 1.35% Carigan 1.23% Morio Muscat 1.23% Tempranillo 1.23% Tinta Barocca 1.23% Clairette Blanche 1.12% Durif 1.12% Petit Verdot 1.12% Tannat 1.12% Weisser Reisling 1.08% Crouchen 1.01% Muscat de Frontignan 1.01% Nebbiolo 1.01% Grenache Noir 0.90% Souzao 0.90% Mataro 0.78% Sangiovese 0.78% Touriga Nacional 0.67% Meunier 0.56% Roobernet 0.56% Ruby Cabernet 0.56% Bukettraube 0.45% Gewurztraminer 0.45% Touriga Franca 0.45% Zinfandel 0.43% Tinta Amarella 0.22% Viognier 0.22% Verdelho 0.11% Muscat D’Alexandrie 0.02%