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Scions of Sinai

Scions of Sinai

This boutique Stellenbosch winery (< 900 cs/yr) focuses on Rhone varietals and purity. Rare for the area, Winemaker Bernhard Bredell follows organic, dry farming, and minimal intervention practices. His vision is to restore his seven-generation wine farming roots, sustainably. On a quest to give back to his roots through inspiring others in this region as he has been inspired since an early age and not forgetting their vinous heritage in wine farming. A quest to help preserve and care for these almost extinct old bushvines.


“I believe wine ‘making’ should become obsolete when you work with a vineyard that can express their own sense of place (terroir) with authenticity and purity”, says Bredel. “Then, in the cellar, it becomes much more a ‘Guidance’ process than a ‘Making’ process and nothing needs be added nor taken away. My biggest hope is to have the consumer experience this clear/pure expression of a place, a vineyard and its soil in a certain time…totally subjective to a vintages unique variables – something completely non-replicable.”