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Greece has been making wine for more than 4000 years. Among the many qualities that make this wine region so special are the preservation of old world winemaking techniques and the continued use of long-grown indigenous varietals. Home to more than 300 different wine-producing grape varietals, it can often be confusing to discern between them, or even know where to begin. Fortunately, with the help of a terrific producer, who marries the "old" with the "new" (more on that later), we have made it easy to introduce some of the unique varietals of Greece through wines that are approachable, organic, and quite unique.

Around the 8th century BC, the Greeks introduced winemaking techniques to their colonies in what is now Italy, and later in France and Spain. When you think about the ideal climatic conditions of growing wine - moderate Meditteranean temperature, sunshine, rich soils like clay, and low rainfall - it's easy to see how the origins of the modern wine industry were born here.

The Brintziki Estate is considered Greece's first green winery. They farm like their ancestors farmed - organically, simply - and embrace the responsibility of being stewards to their land and community. Click here to learn more about this inspiring, family-owned estate.